Reconditioned Tubs
Spa Features
Personal Design

Comfortable Seating Design

Anti Float

Form Fit Comfort



Relaxing Deep Seats

Ample Leg Room

Full Body Immersion

LED Lighted Accessories

Extra Ambiance

Detailed Lighting


Stunning Design

Beautiful Curves

Gracefully Shaped

Pleasing Massage

Strategically Positioned Massage

Precision Jets

Full Body Massage


Rotational Massage Jets

Soothes Your Muscles

Pleases Your Senses

Pulsating Massage Jets

Powerful Stream

Vibration Hydrotherapy


Soft Air Bubble Massage

Relaxing Massage

Extra Variation

Perfect Water

All Water Circulation Pump

All Water Is Filtrated

Complete Waterflow Through Skimmer


Ozone Purifier

Enhances Filtration

Highly Effective

Microban Technology

Extra Protection

Anti Bacterial


Aqua Pure Management System

Automatic Production Sanitizer

Save Time And Chemicals

Planet Friendly

Triple Insulation

Keeps Heat Inside Spa

Saves Energy


Heat Lock

Re-Use Heat of Engines

Maximizes Heat Retention

Programmable Circulation Pump

Silent Whisper Pump For Filtration

Saves Energy By Low Amperage


High Efficient Cover

Prevents Heat Loss

Extra Efficient

Precision Made

Passion Long Life Shell

Prevents Delamination

Extra Strong

(10 Years Warranty)


Synthetic Life Time Structure

Very Strong

25 Years Warranty

Double Security

All Connections Glued and Clamped

Extra Security


Everlast Polyester Floor

Keeps The Warm Air In

Keeps The Elements Out